"Lori A.K.A. (The Fish Lady) has been
doing our monthly maintenance as needed
for about a year now.  Any time we have a
problem we call Lori and she usually tells
us what to do over the phone.  If it can not
be solved over the the phone she comes
out and trouble shoots the tank and
corrects any problem that may be present.  
If the problem is urgent she will come out
A.S.A.P.  Like the time a hose broke on our
canister filter and started to flood our living
room.  We called Lori and she was there in
less than an hour to fix the problem.  When
we got new furniture Lori was there to move
our tank and help us place it just right.  We
have just gotten a new 29 gallon tank and
she has been instrumental in helping us get
the tank going;Advising us on tank
selection, fish selection, location and the
whole tank cycling process.  She has been
there to answer all of our many questions.  
Lori has done an excellent job for us and is
always there when we need her.  Lori has
exceeded our highest expectations.  It
would be a real challenge to find another
person as knowledgeable, reliable and as
reasonable as THE FISH LADY.  I would
definitely highly recommend her to anyone
and I have."

                                                 Steve Ford